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4. Activities!

So you are ready to take some real action to making your school TravelSmart - go for it! Below you will find heaps of guides to help you make things really happen! The below resources are generally targetted at primary students - for secondary school resources look here.

Activities can be:-

  • School community focussed (e.g in class, out of class, campaigns)
  • Behind the scenes (e.g improving infrastructure, gaining funding)


School Community 

In class activities
Quickly identify which activities are suitable for your class/year level, and their links to the new Australian Curriculum in the Class Activities Table.

  • CO2 experiment and the greenhouse effect - create carbon dioxide, identify travel choices that change CO2 and set goals to reduce emissions.
  • Carbon dioxide game and Action cards - show that human activities affect the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
  • Choose Active Transport - includes early and middle childhood lesson plans and worksheets on pedestrian safety, cycling safety, plus the benefits of active transport for health, family and the environment.
  • Class Collage - explore your local environment then compile artwork on "things you wouldn't have seen if you had been driving".
  • Class Competition - encourage some competitive spirit between your students and normalise active transport.
  • Congestion Conundrum - compare the space used by different modes of transport and understand ways to reduce traffic congestion around school.
  • Debate - Driving Kids to School - debate the pros and cons of each mode of travel, and develop ideas to get more kids walking and riding to school.
  • Interview Parents and Grandparents - to gain an understanding of how transport options and choices have changed over time.
  • Local Transport Global Impact - understand environmental impacts of vehicles, identify benefits and set goals to increase active travel.
  • Mapping my way to school - use your senses to ‘rediscover’ your trip to school, create a personal map that reflects the path you took and all the things you discovered on the way.
  • Obstacle Course - ideal activity for a Health and PE lesson, or to reward all students who TravelSmart to school.
  • Research Transport through Photographs - create a timeline poster of historic photos to document your community and the way people used to travel. 
  • Scavenger Hunt - a great challenge to combine with activities from the children's book Ten Tiny Things
  • Think Global, Act Local  - consider how travel differs between countries around the world and how other factors affect travel choice.
  • TravelSmart Footprint - Foundation to Year 3 students create footprints to display how they travel to school, identify benefits and set goals to increase active travel.
  • Walk Around Australia - highly visual tool to track the distance kids have covered to walk or cycle to school.
  • Walk Zone and Bin Stickers - identify the area within 5-min's walk from school and use bin stickers to remind families just how close school is.
  • What is Public Transport - tune in to find out what students know about public transport using the cooperative learning strategy of 'graffiti'.
  • Greening the Future - students use a SWOT analysis and are introduced to the concept of sustainable transport while also investigating the social, economic and environmental benefits of the public transport.
  • The Matrix - Catering for all learning styles this Bloomgard matrix allows students to ‘pick and choose’ activities as part of their guided inquiry on public transport!


Out of Class & Special Event activities


  • Class Competition - use the competitive spirit between your classrooms and normalise active transport.
  • Parent Pledge - get parents to make commitments that will help increase active transport.
  • Park and Walk - ideal for families who live a long way from school and can't walk the whole way.
  • StarCard - use a reward card to recognise active students
  • TravelSmart Day - have a regular TS day to achieve long term increases in walking and cycling to school, and the many benefits of regular active travel. 
  • Walk Around Australia - highly visual tool to track the distance kids have covered to walk or cycle to school.
  • Walking School Bus - for active parents who want to connect
  • Walk Zone and Bin Stickers - identify the area within 5-minute's walk from school and use bin stickers to calm traffic and remind families how close school is.


Other student activities we've collected


Behind the Scenes

Sharing and Celebrating

See our page here, including our Blogging 101 guide.


Finding Funding

Grants are available from various organisations including Department of Transport and RAC


Improving Infrastructure

Inspiring infrastructure - A visual collection of inspiring ways to use infrastructure to help achieve a sense of place, increase cycling and walking and reduce the impact of car use.



Identify how you can link into other whole school overarching programs and structures, such as:

  • New family induction packs
  • P&C plans
  • Health policies and committees (including active travel or wellness policies)
  • Rewards systems such as faction points
  • Road safety initiatives
  • Breakfast club programs
  • Pastoral care intiatives
  • School website

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