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Nature Play

We love the Nature Play ethos. Their site is jam packed full of fun activities, below are some of the pages you could draw some journey to school activities from.

Kids love discovering the world through walking, cycling and public transport, just ask them!

Jack (8) from Waggrakine: When I was young I went on a bus and my nana put my holiday bag down on the seat and let me lie down it was the best ride ever. Every morning on our way to school we stop at a tree with a hole in it once we saw some pink and grey galahs spring cleaning and throwing leaves out it was crazy.

Julia (5) from Padbury: I saw  a crow, willie wagtail, honey eater, little corella, magpie, and New Holland honey eater on my way to school.

Anthony from Waikiki: I got my gumboots on and got to go out into the rain . Mum gave me her umbrella to so I wouldn't get too wet . And out into the street I went to find huge big puddles that I could run and jump in and splash. It was so much fun kicking and running and then I sat on my mailbox and listened to the rain landing on my umbrella and bouncing of . It was so nice and I smiled as the rain landed on my umbrella and I was under it . I had my gumboots and mums umbrella on , and I did get a little wet but it was a lot of fun.

Ollie (9) from NedlandsMe and my family went to kalbarri for a holiday and we went on long adventurous bike rides which was really fun and we also went kayaking and swimming in the creek also covering myself in mud which was really amusing.


Nature Play Passport

Check out the TravelSmart Missions, such as: 

  • Ticket to ride
  • School wheelies
  • Wildlife watch
  • Chain gang
  • Marvellous morning safari
  • The Raindrop Walk  (for 5-9 year olds)

Pull on your wellies, umbrella and a raincoat then get outside. There are puddles to jump in, rainbows and birds to spot while splish, splashing in the rain.

Advanced manoeuvre – Write a story or song about your rainy day adventure.

  • The Raindrop Dodge (for 10+ year olds) 

Can you outrun a rain drop? Can you dodge those puddles on the path? Riding to school on a rainy day is a challenge, but it can be fun. Pop on your raincoat and see if you can get to school without getting wet! Alternative adventure- No rain? Ride to school a different way today. Don’t take your usual path. When you get there check out a map and trace your new route. Is the shortest way always the fastest?


Nature Play’s “Things to Do” 

Full of ideas to make your walk or ride to school more fun. See our "Journey to School Ideas" activity guide for more detailed ideas. Here are some of the highlights...



Is there a Geocache hidden on your walk or ride to school? Given that there are 1.8 million hidden Geocaches worldwide, some of these could be in your neighbourhood. If not, perhaps you could create one! Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game that is played throughout the world, using a GPS or Smartphone to find a hidden container (or geocache). To find more geocaches near you, visit It's free, it's easy and could liven up your walk to school.

Nature Play WA has GPS units available for hire for schools and local governments that would like to run geocaching events for children and families. Nature Play WA has developed three lesson plans linking geocaching with the Year 6 Australian Curriculum.

Nature Club

Why not organise a Nature Club with those friends or neighbours you walk to school with? This turns your walk into a focused nature study! 


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