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Secondary Schools

Whilst most TravelSmart to School resources target primary schools, there is nothing to stop Secondary schools from joining, blogging and earning points. Below are some resources you might find helpful in running your program.

Sustrans Moving Up - a guide to promoting walking and cycling for everyday journeys by 11 to 18-year-olds.

Topics include:

  • developing peer work and young advocates
  • involving travel champions
  • using periods of transition to ingrain good habits
  • delivering active travel within the curriculum
  • utilising extra-curricular clubs and activities
  • communicating within large institutions


Victoria Walks Smart Steps - a resource linked to Australian Geography curriculum including:-

  • Liveable & Walkable Communities (Year 7) - The aim of this unit is for students to gain an understanding of the liveability of places, what liveability means to them and how this term can be applied to their local neighbourhood through walkability.

  • Geographies of Interconnections (Year 9) -

    The aim of this unit outline is for students to gain an understanding of how people are connected to places, and how these connections help to make and change places and their environments. Through an understanding of walkability, students will investigate perceptions of places, the effects of their leisure choices on places and implications for the future of these places.


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