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Earning points

Any school can easily tap into big rewards when they have a go at a TS activity and then share about their experience here. Each blog post earns TravelSmart points which can be spent on rewards like prize packs, bike ed, star cards – or generally anything to help your TravelSmart projects. 1 point basically = $1.

To learn how to post a blog and photos, see our Blogging 101 guide on the 'Share and Celebrate' page.

A detailed blog about an event day could earn over 100 points. Ongoing campaigns earn greater activity points. Meanwhile the more student and school community involvement - the more points!

Activities undertaken

More involved activities earn more points. Ongoing campaigns receive the highest points (awarded for milestones like launches and termly updates).

The more information you provide, the easier it is for us to give you points.

For example, your activities also earn points for…

  • Student leadership involvement
  • Parent leadership participation

Bonus Points for content

Plus include the following for bonus points…

  • Detailed explanations of how you went about it (so others can learn from your experience)
  • Photos – use photos that really show what you did. Detailed captions are great!
  • Documents – share anything you have created e.g. lesson plan notes, quiz questions, action plan
  • Reflecting on the lessons you learnt along the way – what did and didn’t work
  • Observations of changes in behaviour occurring – ie stories or activity related active travel results
  • Using stories and content created by your students
  • Innovative activities also earn bonus points

We also have a ‘blog of the month’ prize!

Examples of some great blogs include Phoenix's Walk to School Day blog and Redcliffe’s Passports report

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Spending points - trade in your points for rewards or use them to help fund a project.

Achievement levels - the more points your earn the higher your achievement level.

Rewards - discover what rewards you can earn to help your school become even more TravelSmart.


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