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December 2014 Blog Posts (22)

Reflections of our year

Looking back on this first year has been quite an eye-opener. While you are "in it" you do not realize just HOW MUCH has been ACHIEVED. 

Where to start? The Team had so many ideas but we settled on using the Hands-up Survey for the Warnbro Walker Competition.  As we went along, the weekly competition became more refined. We finally settled on Hands-up Survey slips which were distributed the afternoon BEFORE Walking Wednesdays, at the beginning of our Travel Smart session. They were…


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Suggestions for TS Team

Hi Team,

Wishing you all the best for a festive summer and for great success in 2015. I have just been spending my points ( squeezing the maximum gains from my meagre results!) and i have some suggestiosn that I hope may be considered.

I have requested the sew on badges, which are really good value and which my Travelsmarties can wera with pride on their uniforms. However, if TS could offer some children's T shirts which the kids could wear on special event days, for…


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Bronze Award

We have ended the year on a 'high' with our school achieving bronze status.  Bronwyn from the city council came to our awards asembly yesterday and presented the framed certificate to the team.  It is now proudly displayed in the front office.  We also have a lovely metal sign to erect outside. We are going to attach this to the front fence.  Our fence is being renewed over the holidays so this will happen early next year.  We will post some pictures when it is done.

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Reflections of 2014

Travel Smart means to me: Travel Smart is about teaching young children how to be safe around the streets and roads. It is also about encouraging kids to use Active Transport while having fun and being rewarded for their effort. 

The highlight for me was learning about the community and shooting the film/movie/clip for the Showcase. 

The thing that didn't go so well was not getting the numbers I expected  for the Pedometer Pledge. 

I think we could have done the…


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stencil painting part 2


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Pedometer Pledge Conclusion

    We have officially finished the Pedometer Pledge and it went really well, except for a couple of things... 

   We only had 12 people that actually handed in their Star Cards and sadly only 2 people completed the pledge    so they got a pedometer, a Nature Play Passport and a certificate. 

   So overall we completed the Pledge in our time limit of 3 weeks. I think we did a great job in organising it. 





Added by Warnbro Primary School on December 15, 2014 at 11:42 — 1 Comment

2015 School Bus Service changes

As you all probably know the year 7 students are heading off to high school next year and with all the extra children heading to high school Transperth are making some significant changes to school services.

If you’re taking public transport to school please visit and look for the revision time banner for information on the changes.

JourneyPlanner will be updated with the new school services two weeks prior to the start of…


Added by Carol-Ann & David (Transperth) on December 8, 2014 at 16:46 — 2 Comments

Walk to School Day 3rd December - 77% on foot!

With the support of the principal, Russell, we set a walk to school day for Wednesday December 3rd. Russell then coordinated the day with members of a new group at the school who are part of The Fathering Project. This group of school dads, called 'Neds Lads', printed up walk to school stickers for the kids and certificates for the parents who walked to school. 

The Walk to School Day was then advertised to the students at assembly and to parents via the school newsletter with…


Added by Nedlands Primary School on December 4, 2014 at 21:30 — 2 Comments

100 ways to Unplug & Play

Kids need at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day;

and they shouldn't spend more than two hours a day…


Added by Kath Merrick (TravelSmart) on December 4, 2014 at 15:00 — 1 Comment

DDHS Community Bike Ride

On the 18th November Mrs Owen and Ms Cheesemans Yr 4/5 classes participated in a community bike ride. 70 students along with teacher and parent volunteers enjoyed the ride from school to 'Grannys Beach' where they had morning tea,…


Added by Dongara DHS on December 3, 2014 at 10:00 — 2 Comments

2014 Reflections

Travel Smart means encouraging people to walk to school and keep healthy and active. 

The best things I did in Travel Smart were doing the video and writing the letter to Paul Papalia, inviting him to walk with us on Walk to School Day in October. He sent a reply accepting our invitation.

The banner didn't go well because people stomped on it when it was wet so we had to do some re-painting. 

We could have tried harder at being organised. 

I learnt that speaking…


Added by Warnbro Primary School on December 2, 2014 at 16:11 — 1 Comment

Reece's Reflections

Travel Smart means to me that you get to go to classes and see who walked, rode or came by skateboard. It is good fun to see who walked to school. It has been fun being in the Travel Smart Team. 

Highlights for me were making the video and painting the banner. 

What didn't go so well was not every class completed the Hands-Up Survey every time! 

What I could do better is to be on time and bring my Travel Smart brain with me! 

What I have learnt is how to do…


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Brains Trust event fuels our collective fires

Griffin Longley (Columnist for The West and CEO of Natureplay WA) delighted many recently, speaking at ‘Brains Trust’, the 2014 TravelSmart to School awards, showcase and professional development workshop day. Seventy parents, teachers and broader professional network members gathered on November 5 to celebrate achievements, network and build capacity to coordinate or advocate for TravelSmart activities in schools.

Griffin spoke, of the many benefits of building connections…


Added by Emma Jack (TravelSmart) on December 2, 2014 at 15:55 — 1 Comment

My Reflections of 2014.

Travel Smart means we have to get as many people to walk, ride a bike, scooter or skateboard, or bus or train. It also means we have to work together to encourage people to use Active Transport. 

The highlight for me was making the video and handing out the fruit platters on Walk Safely to School Day and Walk to School Day. All these things needed to be done together as a team. 

The Hands-Up Survey did not go so well because some of the teachers did not hand them in so we could…


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Travel Smart means to teach kids about it and to show them what it means. 

The best thing that we did in Travel Smart was making a video. 

The thing that didn't go so well was when we handed out the Travel Smart surveys because we didn't remind the teachers of when to do it. 

The thing that we could do better is telling the teachers and reminding them about the survey. 

In Travel Smart, the thing I learnt was how to do the blogs, the surveys, how to go up at…


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Coolbinia & Charthouse earn school of the year titles

Griffin Longley was ably accompanied by a virtual co-host, Isabelle, on November 5 when presenting our 2014 awards and congratulating 2014 bronze, silver and platinum level recipients. You can check out some of their achievements on video:


TravelSmart School of the Year went to Coolbinia Primary, who have…


Added by Emma Jack (TravelSmart) on December 2, 2014 at 15:33 — 1 Comment

Reflections of this year

The thing I liked about Travel Smart was catching the bus and telling Travel Smart about my time and trying to get more students to catch the bus. 

The thing that I think didn't go so well was us having to do something in class time and we take as long as we have to take and we get in trouble!

 It would be better if we had more time in class to do some more of the Travel Smart stuff.

I've learnt that there is lots of stuff to do in so little time and I've been stuck as…


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Hands-Up Final Survey for 2014.

Here are our numbers for our final Hands-Up: 

                42  biked, scootered or skated. 

                90   walked. 

                11   bussed or trained. 

               143  total Active Transport. 

               141  came by car. 

               284  total number of students counted. 

 We just sneak in at around 50%. What we have found is that some classes are consistently using Active Transport 50% or more on our…


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Reflections 2014

What is Travel Smart to me?

Travel Smart to me is getting people to school with road safety.


The highlights 2014:

My highlights for Travel Smart are the Showcase in 2013 it was a great experience, being in the Warnbro Primary School TS video and doing fruit plattersfor Walk Safely To School Day & Walk To School Day.


What are somethings that didn't go so well?

The thing that didn't go so well was the people that were in the original…


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Tiarah's 2014 Reflections

I have enjoyed being a part of the Travel Smart Team this year because I liked working with the other members of the team. My favourite thing that we did this year was making the video. I enjoyed working with the rest of the team and the camera crew.

Travel Smart to me is about teaching children about being active and keeping fit.

Having only some teachers complete the Hands-Up survey meant we didn't get accurate answers to who was coming to school actively each day



Added by Warnbro Primary School on December 2, 2014 at 14:08 — 1 Comment

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