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4 inspiring Blogs of the Month

It's been a little while coming, but we are finally ready to announce the winners of our ongoing blog of the month competition.  We have many great blogs each month and we highlight the extra special ones on our Recommended Blogs page. But each month we chose one blog that has really stood out to us and each winner receives 30 bonus points.

So far this year the winners have been:

February -…


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Blogabulous Blogs from 2015 - the highlights.

We know it's sometimes hard to keep up with all the achievements of TravelSmart schools, so here is a little summary of some great blogs done by our award winning schools, level leaping schools and schools who have simply done something brilliant in 2015...

2015 Award Winners

School of the Year…


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Catching up on blogs!

Sorry everyone that we've been a little slow in responding to your blogs :-( 

The good news is that the cause of the backlog is your prolific blogging about your Walk to School days.

We are slowly catching up (we're up to 12th May), and hope to be back up to date by next week!

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Do you have a school wellness policy?

Does your school have a wellness policy or something similar? If so, this could be used as an alternative to a specific active transport policy to formalise the school's commitment to active transport.

The US based Alliance for…


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Kids seen, not heard, thanks to 'smart' devices

A story in The Australian (August 20, 2012) highlights that 'smart devices' may be delaying children's speech. The report says the households who watch a lot of TV only speak a combined 500 words a day, compared to 6000 in more moderate TV watching households.

Jane Beale, a speech pathologist is quoted as saying "More and more now we have got not only TV and video games, but we have iPhones and iPads, and we have parents spending time on iPhones and iPads rather than…


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New report - Obesity and impact on WA children

The WA Commissioner for Children and Young People's recent launch of the Wellbeing Monitoring Framework highlights the issues of obesity in children. It specifically notes the importance of "active commuting" in combating the below issues.

In WA in 2012:

  • 22 per cent of…

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Blog points all up to date!

Hi everyone,

A quick note to apologise about recent delays in blog scoring - there has been so much blog activity we couldn't keep up for a little while. Anyway we are now all up to date so you can check out your current points available at the bottom of the home page.

Well done - and keep up all the great work!


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Create kooky bike/scooter/feet glasses

Sustrans, a UK based not-for-profit, has created these…


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Walking the Talk - Elaine Lewis

Meet our Term 2 Champion - Elaine Lewis.... she has been doing amazing things coordinating TravelSmart as the Cross Curriculum Coach at Coolbinia Primary.

TravelSmart: Elaine, can you tell us about a memorable moment in your role as TS coordinator?

Elaine: Mmmm, this is hard ... I'll offer two memorable moments ... 1) chatting with students as they walk home on our Walking School Bus - sharing all their joys and challenges of the day.  2)…


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Free Road Safety Workshop (with teacher relief!), May 21st

Anyone looking to boost their road safety knowledge to help educate their school community should make their way to the fantastic Safer Kids workshop next month. It unpacks the curriculum resources, Challenges and Choices for Kindergarten to Year 2 students which also…


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Wayfinding signs hitting the streets of Cockburn

If you live in Cockburn you could make a 'treasure hunt' activity out of students finding some of the 500

wayfinding signs sprouting in 

Cockburn council 

takes active approach…


Added by James Peart (TravelSmart) on March 18, 2014 at 15:21 — 3 Comments

Reward Year 6's with action packed Geocache race around Rottnest

Full details here:

Reward your Year 6 students for hard work and add excitement to the curriculum!

Your class is invited to send a team on an action-packed race around Rottnest Island, finding hidden …


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2013 Results

All your creativity, inspiration and motivation in 2013 paid off! We had some fantastic achievements last year, including:

  • 9% less car trips and 12% more walking, cycling and public transport use
  • 30 participating schools (with 13666 students),…

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“Word on the street” competition

Get your words on the street! The City of Cockburn wants to know why YOU walk, ride, scoot or skate to school. The most fun, creative or outrageous reasons will earn you TravelSmart points and may be painted on the footpaths around the City of Cockburn.


What to do:

  • Use the COMMENT BOX below to submit your entry, or email to
  • Using 11 words or less, finish the sentence “I walk (ride, scoot or skate) to school…

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Protective parents shield kids (story in The West)

Another interesting story in today's West...
Let your kids fail, says expert Cathy O'Leary and Claire Tyrell

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Kids urged to walk to school (story in The West)

A positive story in today's West...

Kids urged to walk to school, Rhianna King, The West Australian

There is a…

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Chloe Foulds - A TravelSmart Champion!

This term we are featuring an interview with Chloe Foulds our dynamic TS Champion at Madeley PS. Chloe recently look the time to be interviewed by the roving TS reporter....


What is a memorable moment from 2013?

- The first obstacle course of the term has stuck with me. The turn out was incredible. We had so many students with…


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Images from around the world - walking to school

Here is a great visual resource to start discussion in the classroom.


The ABC has published a series of photos of children around…


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Lesson idea:- Bike riders save economy $21 on each commute

Another potential easy Maths/English activity... The Sydney Morning Herald reports that "the economy benefits by more than $21 every time a person cycles 20 minutes to work and back and $8.50 each time a person walks 20 minutes to and from…


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Peak Oil? Is it still relevant ?

Read on for some stimulating material for an English, Maths or SOCE lesson...

The Oil Drum, a Web site dedicated to informed discussions about peak oil and energy, announced on July 3 that it is closing down.

Apparently there has been some recent celebration amongst those who support a future based on petroleum that…


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