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We know it's sometimes hard to keep up with all the achievements of TravelSmart schools, so here is a little summary of some great blogs done by our award winning schools, level leaping schools and schools who have simply done something brilliant in 2015...

2015 Award Winners

School of the Year

Warnbro PSGold Level Achievement 2015

Warnbro PS did an outstanding job of showing how a behaviour change program works in practice and that means keeping it simple and getting things done by rallying the troops. Student helpers organised the ‘production line’ of materials for their ‘Star card’ campaign; they showed how to avoid getting bogged down in admin and blitzed their local streets in just 1 hour with foot print stencils. Embedded in their success is a deep recognition that in order to achieve change you have to harness the enthusiasm and passion of volunteers to build school capacity - student Bridie was so passionate about TravelSmart that she ran a workshop to introduce her teacher and class to the program. They built the profile of their campaign by getting council and local politicians involved in their Walk to School day. 

Warnbro showed that planning doesn’t have to be a complex affair and that using a simple calendar to plan and reflect can be very effective. Goal setting too can be an uncomplicated key to success – Warnbro showed the value of setting goals for program activities (e.g achieving enough points to get funding for bike ed) as well as behaviour change goals (having half of all classes achieving 10% or more active transport). On top of all the good theory and practice – they keep things fun with their regular ‘Toesday’ campaign – awarding a golden trophy for their Warnbro Walker award for the class with the best results. There was more gold too, as they leapfrogged Silver level to also take Gold in 2015.

Best New School AND Runner-up School of year

South Padbury PS - Silver Level Achievement 2015

South Padbury also showed a great knack for keeping things simple but very lively (so lively they reached Bronze and then Silver level in the same year!). They reinvigorated their existing safe routes with a photo comp to spot the new mystery silver feet. Ever politically savvy, they chose their Park and Walk locations to maximise local business contributions and used positive approaches to engage Council Rangers and Police (this blog also includes great ideas for increasing the reach of blogs).

South Padbury did a sterling effort of involving the school community (including the traffic warden, principal, parents and TS team) in their regular Move it Mondays. Their  Ride to School Day was an incredible collaboration – they had dads doing pit stop checks, local positive policing, variable speed signs, engaged local businesses, and had an innovative new park & ride scheme where bikes are stored at collection points 5-10 mins from school. Being a local parent (rather than teacher) Harrison is very aware of the need to keep the workload low for staff and in her detailed “how to” guide on their interclass competition she outlines some effective ways to keep teachers on board.


Runner-up Best New School

Lakelands PSBronze Level Achievement 2015

Lakelands signed up right at the end of 2014 (the first year of the school’s existence!) and dived into 2015 with gusto, achieving Bronze level during year. They kicked off the year with a dress up your bike comp and finished off a busy year with the innovative month long scavenger hunt.


Other high achievers

St Augustine’sDouble Platinum Achievement 2015

St Augustine’s have shown the value of a long term commitment – they joined TSTS in 2010 and this year ran an event each term. 6 years of TSTS and 86 blog posts has brought them to the Double Platinum Level, which gave them some great local media coverage and is testament to how they have embedded TravelSmart within the school culture.


Coolbinia PSPlatinum Level Achievement 2015

Coolbinia, one of our oldest TravelSmart schools reached Platinum level. Some of the things they do differently is to have a new TS student team each term, posting their new action plan each term, having a regular ‘no prize’ Fume Free Friday, and integrating TS closely with their cross curriculum sustainability program – it helps that TS is facilitated by Coolbinia’s cross curriculum coordinator!


St Columba’s PrimaryBronze Level Achievement 2015

St Columba’s, an old hand at Walking School Bus, have made the conversion to TSTS - achieving their Bronze level in 2015. They got the year off to a good start with a ‘5 minute walk to school’ bin sticker campaign.

South Thornlie PS - Bronze Level Achievement 2015

South Thornlie are the quiet super achievers. They have been so busy with TravelSmart activities that they sometimes forget to blog about it! So it is with much pleasure that we can announce they have achieved Bronze level in 2015. They had a big Walk to School day with the principal out directing pedestrian traffic in an engaging way, a lapathon to engage students living too far to walk and the innovation of allowing students to order the prizes they want (a great way to reduce waste we think!)

Charthouse PS

Have done a great job getting support from local businesses and recognise this on their homepage, They recognise the valuable contributions of their volunteers, and progressed a whole school approach by presenting their TS vision and plan at their staff development day.


Great Southern Grammar

Great Southern regularly make the most of their beautiful surroundings. They helped raise the profile of TS with other local schools at road safety workshops and PD days. Recognising the both walking and cycling are part of the solution they chose to celebrate walk to school day with a mammoth BIKEfest! With a jam packed program they really showcased the ability of senior students to teach younger ones.


Beaumaris PS

Beaumaris found it surprisingly easy to get crossing guards approved and have offered to help other keen schools with the process. That’s the spirit!



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